The Peshetta-Appendixes #3 additional

I got these additional links from Bobby and wanted to give you the opportunity to see them, if you are interested. I do not want to discount his position without much more time spent thinking about it.

Gary. Take the time to ruminate and mull. I certainly did not arrive where I am overnight. I have been studying and reflecting on these matters for a long long time. Over the years I have come to realize how much my own unspoken stereotypes (inherited from the larger Protestant movement) impacted my own skewed view of the Hebrew Bible and thus any thing in the NT that relates to the subject. So if you are curious here a several more articles. The first five are on Psalm 119. I use it to describe the absolute revolution in biblical studies since world war II. And the final two look at how historic anti-Judaism and outright anti-semitism bore strange fruit. Be blessed.

#1) Psalm 119,
#2) Psalm 119 #2
#3) Psalm 119 #3
#4) Psalm 119 #4
#5) The Aryan Jesus (Loss of the Hebrew Bible)
#6) Aryan Jesus part 2: Loss of the Hebrew Bible
One to grow on 😉

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